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Biblical Words & Their Meanings

Biblical word studies is a blog series of just that, studies of biblical words and their meanings. In this series we will take a deeper look at specific words in the bible. We will learn their direct translation and what the intent was behind these words. We will reference the bible throughout the series.

The purpose behind this series is two-fold. The first intent is to bring you closer to God. The best way to do this is to help you to fall in love with His word again. As Christians, we all understand the guilt behind Sunday morning pastors telling you to read your Bible. Part of the reason people find it hard to open their Bible is the difficulty in understanding the ancient wording. Even today with multiple versions of the Bible, Christians still find it difficult to understand His word. I will dive deep into these words and help interpret their meanings. With this deeper understanding of God’s word, you may find yourself in love with His perfect writing. The second goal of this blog series is to equip His people with His word. Having this deeper understanding will assist you in bringing the Gospel to the world. This will help bring many parts of the Bible to your attention and you may be able to use it when speaking to nonbelievers about the glory of God.

We will be announcing any updates to this blog series on our social media platforms. To keep up to date:

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  • Twitter - @ChristsChurchAG

It is important to me that we cite the inspiration for this blog series. The Bible Project is where this blog draws its inspiration. We will be referencing more from the bible throughout this process as well. Be sure to go check out The Bible Project.

In closing, we have several blogs planned for this series and can’t wait to get started. We will announce when these blog post will go up the day they are posted. Let’s end in prayer, Lord let us take from this blog series what You have planned for it. Let it be Your words and not anyone else’s. Let Your intent of the blog shine through with each word. Let Your glory be magnified for the world to see. Lord bless the people who read this blog. Let them be encouraged to open the bible and to read Your word. Let those who read this blog be driven closer to You. Help us spread Your word to the world. Amen.

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